Journey to Firewatch Island

Guy has a large billboard/self portrait of Guy is created in the Styes. Firbolg imbues the poisoned land with the benefits of a more bountiful crop. The citizens plea for them to stay, but they are needed to save the world!

Squid Squad sets sail for Firewatch island. On the way they spot debris of what appears to have once been a ship. A body is spotted. Sargassum dives in to help.  It’s Oceanus – and he appears to be dead. Sargassum brings his body to the boat where others  perform medical attention.  He’s alive! But in terrible shape.

While our heroes have been gone for about a month, Oceanus relays that the undead have been increasing in the Saltmarsh region.  A squad of marines were sent to investigate and they came across an army of undead.  Oceanus also warns our heroes of a monstrous creature that roams the area a peryton that the locals call “Rasp”. Sargassum is given a map of the island. Oceanus is sent below decks to rest.

Adventures arrive at Firewatch Island and find a small hermitage – they quickly explore the shore and determine that they should investigate underwater near one of the 3 tall, steep hills.

Quixsy leads the way with nightvision. The others are joined together by a 50ft rope without light. Quixsy spots a shark in the distance and it swims away. The group continues. Suddenly Sargassum feels something brush against him, he takes a wild swing and misses. Teeth dig into Firbolg – roll initiative!