Lumina is possessed

Adventure #023

Revned and Lumina go through a ceremonial initiation ceremony – joining the Warrior Maidens of Madurua, Calinia then leads the group further down into the pyramid – to the maiden’s stronghold where the group can get food, water and rest.  Confusion and chaos errupt as they make their way through the pyramid. The group splits up and in the end, the spirit Demetrius’ can finally rest after putting an end to his evil brother.

Midweek Preview


Wulfgar, MiraJane and Lithos have been waiting in front of two 10′ tall statues of women fighters. The statues have masks with the face of the female statue on top of the pyramid. The two statues stand with spears outstretched to form an arch.

While removing the armor from the King’s body, you couldn’t help but notice the jeweled crown easily worth several thousand gold pieces – sadly, it was left behind. Also, you’ve come across some subtle and familiar symbols throughout the pyramid which make you think that Kord and/or Thor – had/has some influence on this civilization. (These are 2 deities that might be part of Wulfgar’s background)

Seems distracted – maybe it’s because of all the warrior maidens running about…

Revned, Lumina (MiraJane saw the first room but then was escorted back to Wulfgar and Lithos)
Details on initiation:
As you were led past the statues a chime rung for each person before entering the next room. You were brought into a room with ten women seated around a table. They all wore bronze chain mail over green tunics. Each woman’s face is covered by a bronze mask of the face of the woman whose statue is atop the pyramid. You went through an initiation ceremony inside a second room which had an altar covered in green and white cloth. On the altar was a 3′ tall statue of a woman holding a sword and a sheaf of wheat. To each side of the statue burns a large white candle. In front of the altar itself, incense burns in three small braziers. White drapes hang on all the walls and the floor is covered by a green carpet. The room is dust-free and has been scrubbed clean. Except for the ceremonial equipment, the room was empty. After the blood drawing, branding and pledges – you were told that Cali will escort you to their stronghold where you 2 will be given masks and robes. Your group will be provided food and drink.

You were given a great suit of armor. You and the Maidens of Madurua have taken the first step to defeating Zargon.

Adventure Recap:

On the way, Calinia notices that a door has been closed – when it should be closed. The group encounters 2 giant pythons and they quickly dispose of the danger. Continuing forward, the group passes through a few rooms with curious looking statues near the doorways. They navigate past a spiked pit trap, but Lumina decides to take a different route instead of following Calinia.

Unsuccessful in convincing her, Calinia chases after Lumina and can’t manage to physically control her. Headstrong, Lumina creepily navigates quickly through the pyramid. Finding a secret door, then triggering a trap without suffering any harm. Eventually the group learns that she is possessed by the spirit of a cleric named Demetrius. Demetrius’ spirit finally defeats his evil brother Darius meanwhile, Revned, Lithos and Calinia take care of the Hobgoblin bodyguards.

Meanwhile, Wolfgar and MiraJane encounter a group of 10 Cyndiceans sitting in a room.  A cyndicean in a bear mask roars to which Wulfgar decides to answer with his own roar. A fight breaks out – Wulfgar and MiraJane manage to take down 4 of before the Cyndiceans decide to retreat.