Marsh Marrow and Foul Flowers

After their encounter with Thousand Teeth, Adventurers rest and recover at the lizardfolk lair. The next morning they head back to Saltmarsh and escort 2 lizardfolk diplomats.

Along the way, they meet a new character, Jamie – a half elf bard that out from nowhere appears from a green portal. Jamie’s body is hurled through the air before crashing into the body of an ent. The ent appeared to have been attacked by a huge swarm of rats.

The tracks lead in the direction of Saltmarsh so adventurers follow and come across another odd scene – brightly colored red and purple flowers appear to have been planted in the ground in the shape of humanoids, and a little past that are 2 viney bushes that have humanoid shapes. Guy picks a brightly colored flower and the flowers begin to mass together  into  a large  plant creature. The 2 bushes  animate and attack. The plant creatures are eventually cut down and  the party makes it back  to  Saltmarsh.

Adventures are given a heroes welcome on their return. After stocking up on supplies. A few individuals  approach our heroes asking for more help.


Quest Log

  1. Salvage Operation – A once wealthy merchant wants to hire the party to recover a box lost at sea. The ship carrying the box was lost in a storm 3 years ago. Surprisingly, the ship was recently spotted a few days away from Saltmarsh.
  2. Find and Stop Rat Albert – the halfling is now a suspect in the deaths of forest protectors Marsh Marrow (an ent) and 2 dryads  (unidentified).
  3. Participate in the Lizardfolk games – strengthen the relationship with the lizardfolk tribe and prove that Saltmarsh can provide skilled and strong warriors. A magical item is offered as a prize in the final event.
  4. The Hunt for Thousand Teeth – Queen Othokent wants adventurers to deal with the ancient crocodile that hunts near the lizardfolk tribe’s lair.
  5. Close the Portal/Fix the Chandalier @ Waterkheel – Demon-like creatures continue to appear. A powerful undead drow woman (Yalaga) is the caretaker of the underwater ruins. Kelp and Kjardi now haunt the ruins.
  6. Crabbers Cove – local fisher, Gloomy Devil is missing. A halfling named Rat Albert is wanted for further questioning.
  7. Recover a Sunken Treasure – Captain Xendros has mentioned a magical mechanical crab was lost at sea, she would like someone to recover it.  She is not ready to trust adventurers for this mission – a potion of healing has been purchased from her.


  • Droth assigned to serve as a supporting medic for this adventuring band. water genasi grave cleric;
  • Guy Windsong entertainer who is proficient in limericks and maybe a marine supply clerk?, half-elf bard;
  • Jamie half-elf bard, made a sudden and mysterious appearance through a time-warping portal; (Age 28;)
  • Kelda Hellsdóttir a red-headed hermit (follows the steps of her twin sister) on a mission to end slavery in the area. human druid, circle of the coast; (Age 30; H 5’6”; W 117;)
  • Mossback  “That’s Mr. Tortle to you!”, a local Saltmarsh fisher; tortle druid;
  • Quixsy an elite soldier who broke barriers and became a role model for women. marine veteran, half-orc barbarian; (Age 36; H 5’8”; W 152;)
  • Sar-Gassum (was that Sgt. Awesome?) his previous squad was crushed by a leviathan, soldier, water genasi monk (Age 23; H 6’0”; W 180;)
  • Snaps (Chelydra Serpentina) she enjoys the sea, and hopes to buy some oceanfront property. marine veteran, tortle barbarian; (Age 30; H 5’6”; W 425;)



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