Messengers of Phandalin – Gnomengarde

A Graphic Designer named Shadeaux Bo (half-elf ranger) and trusty sidekick, Inverna Nightbreeze (moon-elf warrior) continue to deliver messages to remote areas around Phandalin… Spoilers Below.

The next day, our adventurers travel to Gnomengarde, a small community of reclusive tinker gnomes found about 15 miles from town. Bo and Inverna experince the strange tastes of mushroom wine and explore Gnomengarde.  The two learn that they need to talk to Fibblestib and Dabblebop. Along the way they learn that the 2 gnome kings that lead the community have been attacked by some sort of  “shapeshifter”. The details are unclear and the kings don’t offer much help and stay safely locked  in their  quarters until we can return with proof that the danger has been dealt with.

Bo convinces some of the guards to lead the search through the gnome community. While tasting some more wine in the winery, Inverna is attacked, the guards run for their life. Inverna and Bo battle a strange creature. Bo takes a horrible hit and as acid burns his unconscious body. Inverna retreats to a safer distance, firing arrows and calling for help. One of the guards comes back to help and they eventually defeat the creature.

The kings are appreciative of the adventurers brave deeds and are rewarded with a few magical items one of which is a 10-ft collapsible pole – very cool!