Minions of Crabbers Cove


Adventurers go to Crabbers Cove searching for a missing fisher named Gloomy Hand. Fishing poles and a bucket of fish heads are purchased on the way…

A rat is spotted carrying a coin and adventurers follow, eventually arriving at Crabbers Cove. Our heroes go to investigate a house and get stuck to sticky barrel monsters in an alley. Quixsy gets bitten a few times and falls – the rest of the party destroy the monsters. After a quick recovery, more rats are seen scurrying toward the beach.

On the beach, is a group of giant crabs huddled over a body. Sar-Gassum charges ahead and punches a hole through one and grabs a handful of yummy crab meat. Valamoir blasts a hole through one with a catapult spell. Four crabs are taken down and 2 swim away.  The body is an unconscious middle-aged woman. Snaps volunteers to carry her back to town while the others rest and eat fresh crab.

When Snaps returns from town with butter and lemons, a ghostly figure emerges from the ocean. Some of the group recognize the ghost – it is Kelp (from Warthalkeel Ruins). Kelp is now doomed to haunt the underwater ruins until Valamoir returns and fixes what their group took and destroyed. Kelp tells Valamoir he has 10 days to make it right, and as he disappears back into the sea, the beach begins bubbling – sandy-beach imps attack!

The party defeats the sand imps and explores the docks. Kelda and Sar-Gassum investigate a shack filled with rats. The others approach a gnome child fishing at the end of the docks. Sar-Gassum spots a pile of coins and attempts to enter the boarded up shack through a hole in the roof and falls into a building filled with rats and two 3-ft tall, blue goblin-like creatures with orange eyes (Xvarts). Meanwhile, Valamoir falls off the dock, and Snaps follows – destroying a section of dock with her 400+lb self. The child is now trapped.  Quixsy helps Valamoir climb up a pylon.  Valamoir struggles to save a untrusting child (the child knocks Valamoir back into the sea) but eventually Valamoir succeeds. Kelda wildshapes into a rat and gets some inside information from her fellow rats.  The 2 bumbling Xvarts run out a backdoor, and jump into the ocean – Snaps (already in the water) easily brings them to shore as they continue to fight and argue with each other. No one in the group can understand the Xvarts so Kelda wildshapes into a rat again and interrogates them.


Session Wrap-up

  1. The fisher named Gloomy Hand is still missing.
  2. Kelp and Kjardi are doomed to haunt the underwater ruins as undead until things are restored.
  3. The exact details of the Xvart interrogation are fuzzy, a halfling named Albert was named as the mastermind and may know something about Gloomy Devil? Gloomy has changed?
  4. The Gnome child, Remia knows a halfling named Rat Albert and she gets paid for the silverfish she catches.
  5. The Xvarts, Dave and Sturat, are brought to the town jail and will serve time in the mines. They are quite content with their new arrangement.
  6. The rats on the dock eventually disperse with their controlling masters gone. A large pile of mostly copper coins are recovered (1540 cp; 46 sp; )  4gp each.
  7. No one in town recognizes the middle-aged woman rescued from the beach. Potential favor/reward to Snaps TBD…

Next Session – adventures attempt to seize the smuggling ship, The Ghost!


Quest Log:

  1. Crabbers Cove – Gloomy Devil was not found. Also, a halfling named Rat Albert is wanted for further questioning.
  2. Take the Ghost – The Saltmarsh Town Council wants the adventurers to take the smuggler’s ship, The Ghost. The reward is 400gp;
  3. Close the Portal/Fix the Chandalier – Demons continue to appear through a portal. A powerful undead drow woman (Yalaga) is the caretaker of the underwater ruins. Kelp and Kjardi are doomed to haunt it.
  4. A School of Silver Fish have been spotted nearby. Rumors are that these fish are mighty tasty and can make you look and feel younger.
  5. Recover a Sunken Treasure – Captain Xendros has mentioned a magical mechanical crab was lost at sea, she would like someone to recover it.
  6. Investigate the Dread Wood – Something unnatural is stirring in the Dread Wood, according to the sun-bathing halfling Ferrin and his seagull, Jonathan.



  • Guy Windsong  entertainer who is proficient in limericks and maybe a marine supply clerk?, half-elf bard; Stayed in town for this adventure.
  • Kelda Hellsdóttir  a red-headed hermit (follows the steps of her twin sister) on a mission to end slavery in the area. human druid, circle of the coast; (Age 30; H 5’6”; W 117;)
  • Quixsy an elite soldier who broke barriers and became a role model for women. marine veteran, half-orc barbarian; (Age 36; H 5’8”; W 152;)
  • Sar-Gassum (was that Sgt. Awesome?) his previous squad was crushed by a leviathan, soldier, water genasi monk (Age 23; H 6’0”; W 180;)
  • Snaps (Chelydra Serpentina) she enjoys the sea, and hopes to buy some oceanfront property. marine veteran, tortle barbarian; (Age 30; H 5’6”; W 425;)
  • Valamoir A blue-skinned, green haired marine with the blessing of Corellon they are hunting sahaughin, sea elf sorcerer/artificer; (Age 375; H 5’2”; W 132;)


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