Rest and Relaxation at Saltmarsh

Enjoy Saltmarsh!

It’s been 100 days since our heroes helped save Saltmarsh. Life returns to normal and our heroes are able to relax.

We spend some time visiting each character’s home, and learn how they spend their “normal” lives (brewing potions, entertaining, serving the church, pit fighting or just relaxing).

Last night, a few of our heroes were visited by ghosts. It wasn’t the first time that a ghost has been reported in Saltmarsh, but it was probably more than a coincidence. Adventurers gather the following day at the bar below Guy’s loft and share stories.

They conclude that the Ghosts are from Guy’s past – Kjardi and Kelp were adventurers that perished long ago. Another ghost of flame-wielding adventurer was also reported. Some of the ghosts left some cryptic messages and the party decides they need to investigate. Our adventurers now travel back to Waterkheel Ruins (the location of our first Saltmarsh adventure) in search of some answers.


This next adventure occurs at 1 or more of your Saltmarsh homes.

  • You are granted Saltmarsh citizenship, and a small home is set aside for you to use, rent-free, whenever you wish.
  • Several months of game time will pass. Previous magic items orders will be delivered.
  • Each character may purchase 1 additional magic item – List and Prices at the bottom of this page.
  • Be ready to describe where your character lives in the Saltmarsh area with specifics to your home and your lifestyle and choose activities (options listed at the bottom of this page).

Choose and Deduct Lifestyle costs for 100 days:

  • Modest 50gp (normal) (Quixsy and Firbolg)
  • Comfortable 150 gp (advantages will apply) (Guy, Kelda, Sargassum and Snaps)

Those with Soldier background – Captian Eliander Fireborn rewards you with a small plot of land and a farm on the outskirts of town (not transferable).

If you want to buy a home:

  • single story wooden house (~3 rooms) 1000gp
  • two story wooden building 1500gp (30 x 40 ft)
  • stone building 3000gp (30 x 40 ft)
  • Haunted House that is falling apart can be purchased  10000gp,
  • Magic items ordered through Captain Xenderos are delivered, the highlight being Guy’s Lute of Flying (+2); Guy is now responsible for xvarts named Chris Perkins and Jeremy Crawford.


Player condition tracking:

  • Sar-Gassum still has the Curse of Scales (scaly appearance: disadvantage on charisma checks and -2 from max hp)
  • Guy – granted the Blessing of Procan
  • Quixsy – drank a potion of Rapture Weed.  When the effect wears off or is negated, the creature must succeed on a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw or be afflicted with a form of long-term madness (see “Madness” in chapter 8 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide).

Active Quest

  1. Buy or rent a home, spend some gold. Enjoy Saltmarsh! The next adventure begins at 1 or more of your Saltmarsh homes.


  • Firbolg the newest member of Squid Squad is a large firbolg knight that goes by the name, Firbolg. (Age 20; H 7’+; W 300;)
  • Guy Windsong entertainer who is proficient in limericks and maybe a marine supply clerk?, half-elf bard;
  • Kelda Hellsdóttir a red-headed hermit (follows the steps of her twin sister) on a mission to end slavery in the area. human druid, circle of the coast; (Age 30; H 5’6”; W 117;)
  • Quixsy an elite soldier who broke barriers and became a role model for women. marine veteran, half-orc barbarian; (Age 36; H 5’8”; W 152;)
  • Sar-Gassum (was that Sgt. Awesome?) his previous squad was crushed by a leviathan, soldier, water genasi monk (Age 23; H 6’0”; W 180;)
  • Snaps (Chelydra Serpentina) she enjoys the sea, and hopes to buy some oceanfront property. marine veteran, tortle barbarian; (Age 30; H 5’6”; W 425;)


Saltmarsh Character Tracker

Saltmarsh XP Rewards

Saltmarsh Downtime Activities

Captain Xenderos Magic Pricing

  • Pricing – Captain Xenderos reserves the right to change your item’s price at any time without further notice. Prices do not include the 1d4 x 50gp additional cost for tracking down your magic item.