17 – Return to Loomlurch

Return to Loomlurch

Session 17 Recap

Previously the party rescued 3 children from Skabatha’s workshop. After rejoining Will at Little Oak, they learn that Skabatha has more prisoners. The small halfling girl, Philomena, ran back to Skabatha’s – probably to get her pet pig, Oink. The party rushes out to find Philomena, but soon conclude that she was captured by Skabatha’s minions. They return to Loomlurch to rescue the remaining children, free Philomena (again),  find Oink, get some oil for Squirt and deal with Skabatha.


We ended the session with the following:

Ulrich split off from the party looking for Philomena – hopefully he’ll show up soon.

Marlie and Poppy have flown into a bedroom with a bed, dollhouse and cradle. Marley picked it up and shook it. Spilling some contents and breaking a small chair. They found miniature version of: a golden eye, tiny velour slippers and mirror. Poppy took the 3 pig figurines from the bedside table. They also found 3 green shiny scales from the cradle;

Ember sent a squirrel messenger to find Mary and tell her “I’m OK, the fire in the tea room didn’t work well – it was guarded. Going to find Oink.” Ember is waiting at the edge of the forest treeline near the livestock pens;

Mary and Lucy have changed plans. Mary has disguised as Will and attempted to lead a trail away from Skabatha’s home. The idea is that Will threw the scarecrow into the creek and scampered away. Mary waits to the north hidden up in the trees. Rolled a 6 on Survival, 24 for Deception. (Why would he go this way, but the tracks look convincing).

Finally, Lucy walks past the rocking horse, lillypad and giant jack in the box and opens a door into Loomlurch. Immediately on the other side he is greeted by Skabatha and Bavlorna. Lucy tries to lure Skabatha away from the giant tree, exclaiming that someone messed up his plans for capturing Will of the Wild – he is nearby! Persuasion roll of 8. Skabatha’s key slows and a snarl forms on her face.