Ziraguin Falls and Holystina Rocks the Flute

Adventure #008

In a moment of panic, the group hesitates, and we lose our first character to a horde of skeleton warriors.  Holystina rocks the flute during the rescue mission.


  • Find weird altar room;
  • A gong alarm echoes down the wide halls
  • An Army of skeletons approaches: Ziraguin is surrounded and slain, Titania & Revned captured;
  • Wulfgar and Ninharma escape with Brother Martin.
  • Back to keep to get soldiers to help;
  • Back at the cave, the adventurers start searching for their comrades… We find a room with people in beds; Another fight that does not go well…
  • Back to keep again to gather even more help. A large battle with an undead army alongside Brother Martin and Carraga, a cleric mercenary.
  • Ziraguin has been turned into a zombie – and eventually put down.
  • We rescue prisoners, save Revned and Titania while Holystina the Halfling lays down the soundtrack with mad flute playing skillz.
  • The leaders of the nearby Keep are barely convinced that the  danger of an undead army forming has been disrupted. They will want a more definitive ending to this evil lurking near their Keep.