Spellcasting Services

Spellcasting ServicesSpell Cost
Cure Wounds (1st Level)10 gp
Identify20 gp
Lesser Restoration40 gp
Prayer of Healing (2nd Level)40 gp
Dispel Magic90 gp
Remove Curse90 gp
Speak with Dead90 gp
Divination210 gp
Greater Restoration450 gp
Raise Dead1,250 gp
Resurrection*3,000 gp
True Resurrection*50,000 gp

Spell Service Cost = Square of the spell level, then multiplied by 10, add double of the consumed material cost, add 10% of nonconsumed material cost.

Example: level 5, raise dead = 5×5 x10 = 250 + (500gp diamond [doubled]: 1000) = 1250gp