The Hunt for Bargle

Adventure #002


We join forces with Wolfgar & Titania (the group is now 6 strong);
The group heads to the abandoned keep just north of the town.
Revned puts kobold guards to sleep;
Ziraguin finds a magical bed;
Ziraguin yells down a hallway alerting Bargle ;
We capture  and bring back Bargle – but Victaries insists that it’s an imposter;

More Details:

Before the group left town, they hear several rumors while at the local tavern…

  • There is another keep on the borderlands (about 1 days travel to South to Cross roads then North East) is larger and more secure than this tiny town. It is run by a castellan who might be looking for experienced adventurers to help battle some evil lurking near the keep.
  • Someone is telling their adventure story how they escaped being killed. “Bree-yark” is goblin-language for “we surrender” And they tricked the goblins… Their treasure included about 2000 gp and a magic sword.  Unfortunately a comrade died in the battle and his body was never recovered.
  • There is some bad news about a death or someone near death in the Kolyana family. Not sure of where the location is but the Kloyana family is supposedly very wealthy.
  • Someplace past the Keep of the Borderland is a “Chaos Cave”, A merchant is imprisoned in the caves and there is a reward for his safe return.
  • A renegade sorcerer named Bargle may be hiding at Gygar’s old castle just 3 miles north. Centuries ago this land was ruled by a great and peaceful man named Gygar, but he had no successor. The castle is mostly in ruins now. Farmers and others have reported some suspicious activity near the northern farms.
  • Details are fuzzy on this one – Someplace called “Quasqueton”, a long time ago a Fighter and Wizard were lovers and created a great magical fortress. a fantastic gem worth 10,000gp can be found there… How to find it? No one knows. Some think it is built in the clouds, others think it is deep underground.

Signs that you notice while exiting the tavern:

Wanted: spider exterminator inquire at the old farm just south of here;

Wanted: need help on farm – something destroying crops and attacking livestock ask Grundel the shopkeep;

Wanted: Bargle – 1000gp paid by the town rulers – “The death of Aleena, a well known cleric was the last straw. We want this danger stopped once and for all, so keep your eyes open!”

Beware: potential vandals/troublemakers spotted on nearby farm; Individuals are described as a tall male with big hair, and a female elf with a pointy hat – be especially careful of the elf..

Experienced Adventurers wanted – see the castellan at the Keep on the Borderlands – approx. 1 day south of here.