The Pit of Hatred

Starting from the beach of Firewatch Island, adventurers now seek a location named the “Pit of Hatred”, approximately 2 miles south. The location is also where a ship named the Tammeraut sank many years ago.

Titan and Gnurm lead the remaining survivors back to the inland.  The original party is restored when Firbolg rejoins the party as a cursed paladin in the form of a skeleton.  On Firbolg’s forehead is the mark of a trident with a tentacle wrapped around it (Symbols of Procan and Vaalstroth).  The party didn’t have access to remove curse and raise dead – the gods have intervened and restored Firbolg’s life and powers.

On a foggy beach, the party encounters a group of powerful zombies known as the “Drowned Ones”.   When the last zombie is destroyed, a seagull follows Guy, who is flying on his magic lute. The seagull is remarkablely fast despite it’s appearance and accepts a cracker from Snaps. Firbolg casts a spell that allows communication with the gull. It’s name is Virgil and was once Archais’ familiar. Virgil helps lead the adventurers to the Pit of Hatred.

At sea, the adventurers try to determine their location.  The dense fog makes it difficult and they follow Virgil’s path. Kelda hears something in the fog and then the party is attacked by ghosts. Kelda recognizes it as Ghost Fog – a fog infested with undead spirits. Those who perish in the fog become ghosts. Firbolg acts quickly and channels divinity. The ghosts retreat. 

Guy pulls out a forked twig and casts a spell to locate nearby shipwrecks. The party descend into the the cold ocean.  Kelda notices that the swarms of fish soon disappear and the water gets colder and darker.  The party senses that the cold is quite strange and something odd about the surrounding area. Firbolg, Quixsy and Snaps feel a sudden surge of freezing cold. Firbolg and Snaps also have a moment of uncertainty.  The area appears to be affected by some sort of warding spell. They take this as a sign that they must be on the right path and continue deeper into the cold ocean. 

A rotting skeleton of a war galley’s stern looms up from the ocean bottom ahead. The sinking ship broke in half during its descent, its bow section gone missing but its stern plunged backward into the seafloor like a spike.

The sandy bed around the wreckage is scattered with partially buried bones and debris. As you approach the wreck, the water becomes increasingly and unnaturally colder.