Trapped, Captured and Dying

Adventure #004

The plan to collect on the bounty placed on  the evil wizard, Bargle, has taking a turn.  Now, trapped inside Bargle’s suspected hideout, our adventurers are more concerned with finding their captured comrade and simply getting out before Jamwar bleeds out!


  • The entrance the group took into the building has collapsed.
  • We are now trapped inside the dilapidated keep;
  • Ninharma – Awesome zombie fight – smoking out and stabbing a zombie hiding inside a large wooden box;
  • Ninharma scales walls and peeks down hallway – then gets trapped and captured by kobolds;
  • Titania, Jamwar + Ziraquinn falling into same trap as Ninharma earlier;
  • In the search for Ninharma, Jamwar is seriously wounded by 2 kobolds (unconscious and near death);
  • Wolfgar finds awesome red cursed boots, we rescue Belinda and Ninharma;