Vecna’s Twist part 2

Adventures continue to explore the shipwreck of the Marshall – in search of a cursed dagger dedicated to Vecna.

Guy, Snaps and Jamie enter a room at the bow of the ship, the water is very cold a small alter floats above the floor and slowly spins. 4 Rows of rotting benches.  Snaps and Guy cannot  find a way to open the altar. Snaps is left alone in the cold room to tie the anchor to the altar so it can be retrieved. Before the altar can be pulled out, Snaps undoes the line and swims away from the ship. Others follow and try to stop her, but she is too strong. They tie Snaps up, she gets mad and cuts the rope with her battle axe. The magical anchor is temporarily disabled.

Guy convinces the giant crab to start cleaning the ship. Jamie finds an amulet dedicated to Cuthbert.

Jamie searches the remaining rooms while others attempt to stop Snaps. Snaps is pulled back into the boat. Sar-Gassum attempts to retrieving the altar. Before he can finish, he becomes possessed by a spirit and Snaps and  Sar-Gassum make their way to the  Harpy’s Nest.  There is a battle with the harpys. Kelda calls lightning onto the nest and the harpies fly away.

Treasure found in the Harpy’s Nest:

they find a holy symbol of St. Cuthbert made with gold and sapphires (150 gp),
a jasper (50 gp),
a piece of obsidian (10 gp),
a tiger eye (10 gp),
1,231 cp,
641 sp,
320 ep,
164 gp
12 pp.



Active Quest Log

  1. Vecna’s Twist – the town guard broke up a cult of Vecna. During the interrogation, the leader revealed that a cursed ceremonial dagger was hidden on the Wreck of the Marshal. Eliander Fireborn, captain of the guard offers 300gp for recovering the dagger or proof that the threat has been neutralized.

Quests completed, or not available at this time

  1. Dead Fish – something is polluting the water and killing the fish; Ferrin (the sun-bathing halfling druid) offers 4 potions  of water breathing to those who offer to find and end source of the problem.
  2. The Final Enemy – The town council will soon ask the adventurers for help. Will they help? The mission: infiltrate the sahuagin stronghold, determine their strength of numbers, identify key areas of the fortress, discover key defenses and learn how soon the sahuagin might attack. A full assault will be launched 14days after your return.
  3. Find and Stop Rat Albert – the halfling is  the primary suspect in the deaths of forest protectors Marsh Marrow (an treant) and 2 dryads. – mostly completed.
  4. Participate in the Lizardfolk games – strengthen the relationship with the lizardfolk tribe and prove that Saltmarsh can provide skilled and strong warriors. A magical item is offered as a prize in the final event. – Saltmarsh sends others to represent the town.
  5. Salvage Operation – A merchant hired the party to recover a box lost at sea. – 100% complete.
  6. The Hunt for Thousand Teeth – Queen Othokent wants adventurers to deal with the ancient crocodile that hunts near the lizardfolk tribe’s lair.
  7. Close the Portal/Fix the Chandalier @ Waterkheel – Demon-like creatures continue to appear. A powerful undead drow woman (Yalaga) is the caretaker of the underwater ruins. Kelp and Kjardi now haunt the ruins.
  8. Crabbers Cove – local fisher, Gloomy Devil is missing. A halfling named Rat Albert is wanted for further questioning.
  9. Investigate the Dread Wood – Something unnatural is stirring in the Dread Wood, according to the sun-bathing halfling Ferrin and his seagull, Jonathan.
  10. Recover a Sunken Treasure – Captain Xendros has mentioned a magical mechanical crab was lost at sea, she would like someone to recover it.  She is not ready to trust adventurers for this mission – a potion of healing has been purchased from her.


  • Droth assigned to serve as a supporting medic for this adventuring band. water genasi grave cleric;
  • Guy Windsong entertainer who is proficient in limericks and maybe a marine supply clerk?, half-elf bard;
  • Jamie half-elf bard, made a sudden and mysterious appearance through a time-warping portal; (Age 28;)
  • Kelda Hellsdóttir a red-headed hermit (follows the steps of her twin sister) on a mission to end slavery in the area. human druid, circle of the coast; (Age 30; H 5’6”; W 117;)
  • Mossback  “That’s Mr. Tortle to you!”, a local Saltmarsh fisher; tortle druid;
  • Quixsy an elite soldier who broke barriers and became a role model for women. marine veteran, half-orc barbarian; (Age 36; H 5’8”; W 152;)
  • Sar-Gassum (was that Sgt. Awesome?) his previous squad was crushed by a leviathan, soldier, water genasi monk (Age 23; H 6’0”; W 180;)
  • Snaps (Chelydra Serpentina) she enjoys the sea, and hopes to buy some oceanfront property. marine veteran, tortle barbarian; (Age 30; H 5’6”; W 425;)



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